• + A Few Thoughts on Permissions

    We believe the music we produce is ultimately a gift from God meant to bless local churches, so we’re excited whenever we hear about people singing or using our songs! But making music takes time, money, and effort, so laws exist to ensure musicians are appropriately compensated and acknowledged for their labors. Also, when people use our songs for profit we have a responsibility to our writers to ensure they receive compensation. You want to help your fellow man, right? Right.

    Having said that, we totally agree that copyright/permissions stuff is downright confusing. We've done our best to answer the most common questions we get about obtaining permission to use our music:

  • + Do I need permission to copy your recorded music?

    Without express permission from the publisher (i.e. yours truly), you shouldn’t make copies of our music (including CDs, digital files, video, etc.). ...Skipping over the previous sentence doesn’t mean it magically doesn’t apply to you.

  • + Can I use Sovereign Grace songs in my church?

    If your church is a member of CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing, Inc.), you have permission to use hundreds of thousands of songs, including those from Sovereign Grace Music. That license covers a vast majority of uses in a church. Please visit the CCLI website for more details.

  • + Can a church use your songs if it’s not a CCLI member?

    Surely, but for most churches it's more efficient and cost effective to be a member of CCLI. For individual church use requests (for non-CCLI members), please contact us at music@sovgracemin.org.

  • + Can I perform and record a Sovereign Grace Music song on my own project?

    We’d love for you to! But you need to apply for a mechanical license through Capitol CMG Licensing to do so. (Tip: Requesting a license can take time. So much so that it’s probably a good idea to start your licensing process well in advance of the deadline for the manufacturing of your final project.)

  • + Can I use a Sovereign Grace Music song or recording on a CD, video, slide show, or movie?

    In most cases, yes. Please email us at music@sovgracemin.org for details.

  • + Can I make copies of Sovereign Grace Music recordings so our church’s worship team can learn the songs?

    Please contact us before doing that at music@sovgracemin.org. You might also find this post from Bob Kauflin’s blog helpful.

  • + Can I print out and make copies of Sovereign Grace Music sheet music for my church? 

    If your church is a member of CCLI, have at it! All Sovereign Grace Music songs are covered under the CCLI license. If your church is not a member of CCLI, better check with us first. The answer will most likely be yes (we love churches to use our music!), but not all of the songs we've produced are ours, so we can't speak categorically to that. Just shoot us an email and we'll get something figured out!

  • + Can I change or alter the lyrics of a Sovereign Grace Music song? 

    Generally the answer is no. We want to respect the original intent of our own writers, as well as other writers. But if you have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • + Can I print lyric sheets of Sovereign Grace Music songs for my devotions or a meeting held in my home?


  • + A note on "outside" copyrights

    Outside copyrights are songs we don’t own that appear on Sovereign Grace Music projects. For example, “In Christ Alone” on Together for the Gospel Live is owned by ThankYou Music. We obtain the appropriate licenses from the song owners to use these songs for our own products, but our license is non-transferable.

    If one of our songs is co-published by Word Music or Integrity Music, you will need to contact them for copyright permissions. Sovereign Grace Music makes no representation or warranty as to your proposed use of any such material.

    God wants us to obey the governing authorities (Rom. 13:1) so we can’t grant permission for songs or anything else that has third party content outside of our control. Please contact the appropriate parties for licensing requests. Thanks!

  • + Stuff we have to say:

    The information on this page is provided as a public service for church musicians seeking information about copyright. Sovereign Grace Ministries makes no warranty, express or implied, nor assumes any responsibility in the use of this service or its contents for its accuracy, completeness, currency, its use for any general of particular purpose, nor that such items or use of such items would not violate or infringe rights of others.

  • For more answers to your questions, check out our FAQ page or email us at music@sovgracemin.org.